Easily Report Phishing and Malware

This is how you can strike back at criminals sending phishing spam - by getting their webpages on blacklists. Blocking their sites helps protect other people and helps researchers trying to stop this. Sites can be blocked within 15 minutes of your report, but you may not immediately see it. [Page last updated 2018-03-13]

Report phishing website:

Right-click the link in the phishing email, and copy the hyperlink. Do not click the link, which is less useful to security companies.

Evaluation stage

  1. urlscan.io - Quickly get a screenshot and redirects (run by @heipi)
  2. UrlQuery.net - Get screenshot, analyze for known risks, create public record (run by @urlquery)
  3. CheckPhish.ai - Phishing detection engine (run by RedMarlin)
  4. phishcheck.me - Custom phishing detection engine
  5. VirusTotal - Checks against multiple blacklists
  6. any.run: Remotely download and interactively sandbox analyze arbitrary file downloads (run by @anyrun_app)

Reporting stage

  1. Google - Block in Chrome, Firefox, Android, iPhone, Google, and more
  2. Microsoft - Block in Edge, Office 365, and Internet Explorer
  3. NetCraft - Send to computer security companies
  4. Symantec - Submit to Norton
  5. Blue Coat - Symantec has not yet integrated with Norton submission
  6. McAfee - Select real-time, click Check, and click Submit at the bottom
  7. Websense/Forcepoint
  8. Webroot BrightCloud - Provides data to PaloAlto firewalls, many others.
  9. Cisco PhishTank - Wide distribution, but requires registration.
  10. Kaspersky
  11. CIRCL - Shares with European partners, lookup and click "Send report to CIRCL"

    Report phishing/file hosting abuse directly:

    Extra-credit phishing reporting:

    Via Email:

    To representative organizations:

    Via Twitter:
    If you have a Twitter account, message these people the link (add a space somewhere so clicking it doesn't work). They are high-powered researchers with lots of connections who track down clues and shut down entire constellations of fraud. Like computer Batman.

    Other malware tools:

    Report malware:

    1. VirusTotal.com (Shares reports publicly, shares files with Premium subscribers)
    2. Hybrid-Analysis.com (Shares reports and files publicly, uses Payload Security's VxStream sandbox)
    3. Malwr.com (Shares reports and files publicly)
    4. Microsoft (Select 'Home User')
    5. Webroot (Detections and threat intelligence go to multiple other products)
    6. Kaspersky
    7. ClamAV (Especially for files that came through email, used in many spam filters)
    8. Emsisoft

    Report phishing/spam text (SMS) message:

    Copy the contents of the spam SMS and paste it into a message to this four-digit number. This reports it to your phone company so they can search for who sent it and block them. Don't click the link, it could be dangerous!

        7 7 2 6  ( S - P - A - M )

    On iPhone: Hold your finger on the message, tap "More...", tap the Forward icon in the bottom right of the screen.

    Report unsolicited calls and SMS

    Use the form on SpamResponse.

    Report abuse to website hosts:

    Find who hosts the website with WhoIsHostingThis and search Google for "webhost + abuse" to find their complaint contact information.

    Investigate IP/domains:

    You can always get here by typing GotPhish.com