Everyone can be secure.

It is with those four words this website is founded. Computer, smartphone, and online security does not require a degree or years of experience. All it requires is someone show you the way.

You've been sold a lie. You cannot just buy "security." It is something obtained through simple choices and knowledge. Tragically, these aren't even hard to do or obscure to learn. But no one makes money telling you how to use what you already have. What you need is someone who doesn't care about your money or looking smart by spouting off fancy words of no consequence - just that you not be a victim.

It pains me to see people who distrust and fear their computers, and who feel powerless in that fear. Because that's not what I see when I look at computers and phones and websites. I see tools I trust with the story of my life, and the secrets I leave out when I tell that story to others. Everyone should be able to feel like that.

This site does not sell anything. There are no referral links or sponsored endorsements.
This site is to fix what is broken. Which is how we teach security.

Welcome to DecentSecurity.com

Why you should follow my advice

Starting in first-line helpdesk as a temporary employee and working up, since 2007 I have taken over, implemented, and run Windows deployment, patching, management, antivirus, auditing, and security across over 1400 computers in 30+ offices nationwide. I am a Windows Systems Administrator for the North American subsidiary of a multinational, billion-dollar company. My solutions are now the reference implementation to our sister organizations.

Through my professional identity, I have direct contacts with senior contributors to the Windows ecosystem, including authors, journalists, security experts, and many Microsoft staff. I often solicit their advice and ask them to review what I publish here. 

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I hope what I write proves useful to you and your family. It took me years to learn what you're going to do in a few minutes.


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